No. 194







Sponsored by:

Assemblywoman  ANGELA V. MCKNIGHT

District 31 (Hudson)


District 29 (Essex)


District 33 (Hudson)


Co-Sponsored by:

Assemblywoman Jaffer, Assemblyman Stanley, Assemblywoman Haider, Assemblymen DePhillips, Atkins, Assemblywomen Park, Jasey, Quijano, Assemblyman Conaway, Assemblywomen Reynolds-Jackson and Sumter






     Designates January of each year as “Muslim Heritage Month” in NJ.



     As introduced.


A Joint Resolution designating the month of January of each year as “Muslim Heritage Month” in the State of New Jersey.


Whereas, The State of New Jersey takes great pride in the varied religious and cultural traditions of residents of this State and seeks to afford all people in New Jersey the opportunity to better understand, recognize, and appreciate the rich histories, cultures, and shared principles of Muslim Americans; and

Whereas, Muslims are the world’s second largest religious group, with 1.9 billion adherents, representing approximately 25 percent of the world’s population; and

Whereas, Muslims have made significant contributions that shape our world, including notable achievements in philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, medicine, architecture, music, literature, and the arts; and

Whereas, The 3.45 million Muslims in the United States come from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, including immigrants and native-born Americans, and represent approximately 1.1 percent of the country’s population; and

Whereas, The history of Muslims in the United States dates back to before the country’s founding, originating with enslaved Africans, of whom scholars estimate as many as 30 percent were Muslim, who brought Islamic beliefs and practices with them and contributed in numerous ways to the founding of the nation, including courageous and dedicated military service in every major war from the American Revolutionary War until today; and

Whereas, Successive waves of Muslim immigrants from all over the world have enriched American society; and

Whereas, Muslim Americans strive to promote peace and mutual understanding between all faiths and identities, while upholding the values and principles of Islam and those of the United States of America; and

Whereas, There are nearly 300,000 Muslim Americans in New Jersey, representing one of the largest Muslim American populations of any state in the United States, including numerous current and former elected officials dedicated to public service in their communities; and

Whereas, Incidents of anti-Muslim violence and rhetoric are still prevalent in our State and educational initiatives are critical to combatting bigotry; and

Whereas, The people of New Jersey benefit from the social benevolence, patriotism, philanthropy, humanitarianism, advocacy, civic engagement, culture, and business of Muslim Americans and Muslim American organizations that operate within the State; and

Whereas, New Jersey recognizes the positive impact Muslims have made, and continue to make, to the advancement of this State and the nation, and believes it is appropriate to acknowledge and promote awareness and appreciation of the invaluable contributions of Muslim Americans; now, therefore,


     Be It Resolved by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:


     1.    The month of January of each year is designated as “Muslim Heritage Month” in the State of New Jersey.

     The Governor is respectfully requested to issue a proclamation each year calling upon the people of New Jersey, local government agencies, and interested organizations to observe this month with appropriate ceremonies, activities, and educational programs.


     2.    This joint resolution shall take effect immediately.





     This Joint Resolution designates the month of January of each year as “Muslim Heritage Month” in the State of New Jersey.  This designation would allow the State and its residents to respectfully acknowledge and promote awareness and appreciation of Muslim Americans and recognize the many contributions of the State’s Muslim community.