[First Reprint]

SENATE, No. 1565


with Senate Floor Amendments

(Proposed by Senators LESNIAK and WHELAN)


ADOPTED: MAY 24, 2012



      These Senate amendments:

      add a findings and declarations section to the bill;

      clarify that any game authorized to be played in a casino may, with the approval of the division, be offered through Internet gaming;

      replace references to “Internet wagering” with “Internet gaming”;

      add Internet gaming companies to the definition of “casino service industry enterprises” and to the licensing requirements applicable to those industries;

      include additional language to provide that the division must test both the hardware and software used in Internet gaming;

      require that all Internet gaming equipment must be located within the licensed casino hotel in Atlantic city, rather than within Atlantic City;

      permit participation agreements between casino service industry enterprises providing Internet gaming goods and services and casino licensees;

      amend a provision in current law which directs the State to undertake an educational campaign on Internet gaming;

      require information to assist persons who have a compulsive gambling problem to be displayed prominently on the screen during log on and log off times, rather than continuously during an Internet gaming session; and

      increase funds available for compulsive gambling treatment.