ASSEMBLY, No. 4354




DATED:  JUNE 4, 2015


      The Assembly Education Committee reports favorably Assembly Bill No. 4354.

      This bill provides that the Department of Education, school districts, and charter schools may not enter into a contract for the services of a private entity, which services will involve access to student information, including the monitoring of student social media activity, unless the employees of the private entity who will have access to student information undergo a criminal history records check.  Under the bill, the Commissioner of Education will apply the same requirements, procedures, and standards, and proceed in the same manner as established under the criminal history records check law for public school employees in determining whether an individual would be disqualified from having access to student information.  The individual will pay for the cost of the background check.  The department, school district, or charter school will not be permitted to enter into a contract with the private entity if the criminal history record check of any employee who has access to student information reveals a record of conviction for any disqualifying crime or offense.