[First Reprint]

SENATE, No. 54






Sponsored by:


District 30 (Monmouth and Ocean)


Co-Sponsored by:

Senator Diegnan






†††† Requires under certain circumstances development by certified school nurse of individualized health care plan and individualized emergency health care plan for student with life-threatening allergies or anaphylaxis.



†††† As reported by the Senate Education Committee on January 14, 2021, with amendments.


An Act concerning public school students with 1[severe] life-threatening1 allergies 1or anaphylaxis,1 and supplementing P.L.1997, c.368 (C.18A:40-12.5 et seq.).


†††† Be It Enacted by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:


†††† 1.††† a.† The parent or guardian of a student with a 1[severe] life-threatening1 allergy 1or anaphylaxis1 who seeks care for that student while at school shall inform the 1certified1 school nurse who shall develop an individualized health care plan and an individualized emergency health care plan for the student, provided that the parent or guardian of the student annually provides to the board of education written authorization for the provision of care as may be outlined in the individualized plans 1and which shall be consistent with the directions and recommendations of the studentís health care provider,1 including authorization for the emergency administration of epinephrine 1,1 and, if authorized by the parent or guardian pursuant to section 1 of P.L.1993, c.308 (C.18A:40-12.3), authorization for the student's self-management and care of 1[his] the studentís life-threatening1 allergy 1or anaphylaxis1.

†††† b.††† The individualized health care plan and individualized emergency health care plan developed in accordance with subsection a. of this section shall be updated by the 1certified1 school nurse 1[prior to the beginning of each school year] in accordance with the annually submitted order of a studentís health care provider1 and as necessary in the event that there is a change in the health status of the student.

†††† c.†††† Each individualized health care plan shall include, and each individualized emergency health care plan may include, the following information:

†††† (1)†† the symptoms of an allergic reaction 1or anaphylaxis1 and the recommended treatment;

†††† (2)†† accommodations for school trips, after-school activities, class parties, and other school-related activities;

†††† (3)†† education of all school personnel who may come in contact with the student about allergies, how to recognize and treat allergic reactions 1or anaphylaxis1, how to recognize allergic reactions 1or anaphylaxis1, and when to call for assistance; and

†††† (4)†† how to maintain communications with the student, the student's parent or guardian and health care team, the 1certified1 school nurse, and the educational staff.

†††† d.††† The 1certified1 school nurse assigned to a particular school shall coordinate the provision of care at that school for the student with 1[severe] life-threatening1 allergies 1or anaphylaxis1 and shall ensure that appropriate staff are trained in the care of students with 1life-threatening1 allergies 1or anaphylaxis1, including staff working with school-sponsored programs outside of the regular school day, as provided in the individualized health care plan and the individualized emergency health care plan.


†††† 2.††† This act shall take effect immediately.